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From Concept to Completion,
Fralo is your Electrical Controls Provider.

Fralo Controls Systems are built from standard components to provide dependable operation for many years. We produce standard control systems such as our Booster Pump Controllers or our “green friendly” Lift Stations, to many unique custom systems used in a variety of applications. We keep our systems simple yet effective for application. Customers experience smooth start-ups and years of trouble free operation.

Fralo Controls systems offers standard series of controls for different applications:

  • FRA101 Series - basic motor control for simple start stop application
  • FRA102 Series - economic pump control and protection
  • FRA103 Series - industrial application of pump control and protection
  • FRA104 Series - designed for cooling tower needs
  • FRA105 Series – innovative Waste Lift Stations control systems
  • FRA106 Series - booster systems including hydraulic type system and HVAC systems
  • FRA107 Series - accurate metering and dosage control of chemicals.
  • FRA111 Series – power distribution for a large group of motors

Specialized Systems:

We offer control systems for power control and distribution without the specialized costs. The systems are designed to control and monitor power and report to a central office. Commonly used in commercial lighting, these systems monitor, control, and diagnose the lighting systems. The system will notify service technicians with a complete description of the system problem.

Basic Components

Standard enclosures are supplied rated as a NEMA Type 1, 2 or 3R, depending on the type of application and industry served.
Standard controllers are supplied with the following features (where applicable depending on application):

  • Through-the-door style disconnect system
  • IEC or NEMA Rated motor contactors and overload relays.
  • Easy to access field connection terminal blocks.
  • Control power transformer for 120 VAC internal devices.


Enclosure Options

  • NEMA Type 4, Watertight
  • NEMA Type 4X, Watertight, Corrosion Resistant
  • NEMA Type 12, Drip-tight, Dust-tight

Optional Components

  • Circuit breakers or Motor Circuit Protector
  • Audible and Visible Alarms
  • Minimum Run Timers and Elapsed Time Meters
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Provisions for Remote Control Devices
  • Sequencing and timing for multiple pump systems

Industries Served


  • Controls for well water fed center pivot irrigation systems.
  • Variable Frequency Drives for multiple zone irrigation.
  • Turf and recreational irrigation such as sod growing and sport playing fields.
  • Fralo is pleased to add a new irrigation control system which is Cirrig compliant. Fralo Controls systems work closely with Saunders Brother and the University of Florida to develop a irrigation control system which utilizes evapotranspiration to reduce watering cost as much as 50%. This system takes into consideration the environment, hydraulics, and local weather conditions, to control the irrigation process. 32 to 32,000 valves can be controlled form one system.


  • Domestic water and waste water systems.
  • Full cooling tower control for fans, basin heaters, spray pumps, pony motors and reversing fan de-icing.


  • Potable water well and storage tank applications.
  • Storm water and wastewater applications including those requiring reversing and grinding type pumps.
  • Variable Speed Controls for variable demands such as schools, arenas, stadiums and court-houses.
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